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PLEASE NOTE that this web site is a work in progress.




To help you keep track of what has changed since the last time you checked in, I will try to keep a log of changes that I make every day in the WHAT’S NEW page (button at left). Clearly the WHAT’S NEW page will be deleted when the web site is opened up for public use or at least converted to include what’s new at the museum...


Let me know what I should fix, change or add.   Thanks, tomdef




Fixed some UEs to U-E, MEs to M-E.




The Donations page was tweaked so it applies to both U-E and M-E schools.


Added list of specific topics and specific U-E school items we’re looking for to Donations page.




Added new Calendar page with list of monthly programs


Added address, phone, email and hours at the bottom of each page


Moved the What’s New page to the bottom of the menu




Colors changed to orange and black.


Museum name moved to below the arch.




On Nearby Attracttions page, many website links added


On Contact Us page, added an item about scheduling school groups during the week


On Plan Your Visit page, changed Admission to donation ($5 suggested)


Added Marlene’s phone number to the Contact Us page.


Meetings are not for members only, Meetings info split off to a new page from Membership


Added some IBM links to the Resources page


Many changes made to the Nearby Attractions page, items now grouped by type of activity


Donations page updated


Contact Us page update




New Nearby Attractions page added to Plan Your Visit section


EJ links from About Us page moved to Resources page


LINKS section renamed to RESOURCES


Directions page moved to new Planning Your Visit section


Planning Your Visit section added (patterned after Steamtown)


Increased size of font on buttons.




Added some detail to the CONTACT US page.


Added DONATIONS page. This could use more words about the things we are most looking for.


FROM OUR PRESIDENT added to the home page. Or it could be a separate page (but would not get as much visibility).


Gift Shop page added. This could use a lot more info. Your input is solicited...


Membership page updated to list benefits, info about the meetings, how to become a member (WHICH NEEDS MORE INFO)


Made the default font larger (12 instead of 10) mainly so I could read it better.


Converted the Terms of Use page from a PDF file to live text, cleaned up some grammar.


CALENDAR page: Someone pointed out that the presentations are for members only. So I renamed the page from CALENDAR to MEMBERSHIP. So all info about being or becoming a member can be put on this page.



New CALENDAR page added to contain the calendar of upcoming presentations and whatever else might come up.

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