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Sep 9


The History of IBM in Endicott

by Ted Warner, Marlene Yacos, Joe Titti, Carol Pogust

(This will actually take place on the first floor, in the museum itself, and includes a tour)



Oct. 14th



The History of Clinton St, Binghamton

by Gerry Smith, former Broome County Historian



Nov. 11th



The US Census

by Joe Titti

Its Importance, History, How It’s Used.


Dec 9th


Holiday Christmas Party

In the Event Center at the Museum


Jan 13th


No program for January.


Feb 10


The Archeology of Broome County & The Indian Site at Grippen Park

by Dolores Elliott


Mar. 9th


The History of Village of  Union and Village of Endioctt

by Ted Warner

The unmatched & amazing history of Endicott

Every 3 years we do a program on the history of the Village of Union and Endicott.

Our mission is to collect, preserve, and relate those 2 stories and we need to keep our history details fresh in our mind for questions we get and so we know about the place we live.

Village of Union settlers arrived after the Revolutionary War.

The community grew one family at a time.

After 90 years they incorporated as a village in 1871.

Village of Endicott was “created” from dairy farms in 1901 by George F. Johnson to expand his Endicott Johnson Shoe Corp.

Endicott incorporated after only 5 years in 1906.

Endicott is a company town - built by the company, and for the company.

It became the birthplace of IBM.

Both villages merged in 1921 as “Endicott”.


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